Support Measures I & J



Following the success of Measures A and B, which were overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2012 and provided $12 million in school funding over a period of four years, voters again have the opportunity to show their support for local schools by voting Yes on Measures I and J this November.

The focus of Measures I and J is repairing infrastructural and safety issues in elementary and secondary schools, replacing dilapidated portables with real classrooms, and purchasing the National Guard Armory, and ideally located site between Santa Barbara High School in Santa Barbara Junior High School, for educational and community use.

Measures A and B focused on providing funding for enrichment programs and equipment in the schools such as theater arts, foreign language instruction, science, technology, and career education opportunities.

The Santa Barbara Education Foundation has now led four successful bond measures and parcel tax campaigns essential to supporting local schools. These funding measures have offset severe state funding cutbacks that had negatively impacted local schools.

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