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Adams Elementary School 

Sara Chalmers– “Making Science Come to Life”

Sara Leo– “Collaborative Quilt Mural Project”

Mallory Price– “Decodable Texts for Growing First Grade Readers”

Tracy Schifferns– “Classroom Library Refresh”


Cleveland Elementary School 

Eliane Borba– “Cleveland Buddies Program”

Jordyn Romant– “Exciting Field Trips”


Franklin Elementary School 

Xochitl Tafoya– “Franklin Music and Dance Project”


Harding University Partnership School

Mikaela Burkett– “Harding Hawks Chess Club”

Dee Carter-Brown– “Art in the Classroom”

Karla Hernandez– “Read on the Go!  I think I will read Here!”

Dawn Penkala-“Let’s Get Moving”

Jamie Stratford– “Clay Club”

Luisa Thomas– “Geography Instruction”


McKinley Elementary School 

April Salas- “Instructional and Assessment Tools for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Literacy Program”

Melissa Chavez-“Technology- Headphones and audio jacks”

Cynthia Esquivel– “Leer es Poder/Power is Reading”


Monroe Elementary School 

Sydney Harmon- “Table for Reading Intervention”

Amy Gates– “Summer Reading Project”


Roosevelt Elementary School 

Michael Pech– “Books Kids Love to Read”


Santa Barbara Community Academy 

 Brian D. Malcheski- “Let’s Go Geocaching”

Jose Solano- “Classroom Chess Set”

Sandra Robertson-“Poetry Unit Art Supplies”


Washington Elementary School  

Alexandra Angelopoulos- “Reading with Fun, Decodable Books”

Jen Griffith- “Post-Pandemic, Re-Socialization Fun with some SEL Support!”


Goleta Valley Junior High School 

Rachel Hatcher Day– “Creating an Accessible Library Space”

Ian Moore- “Industrial Technology Ergonomics Upgrade”

Karen Polinsky- “Playing to Learn, Learning to Play”


La Colina Jr. High School  

Maureen Granger– “La Colina Garden”

Tracy Womack- “3 Times the Fun!  A Robot for Everyone!” –The Gretler Foundation STEM Grant


La Cumbre Junior High School  

Warren Takaya– “La Cumbre Dance Team”


Santa Barbara Junior High School 

 PJ Carmean- “Beautify SBJHS”

Tina Christen- “Closing the Literacy Gap”

Brett Larsen– “New Speakers for Band Room”

Nicole Neimroozi– “Cultivating a Community of Readers and Writers”

Alexandra Wilson– “Full STEAM Ahead”



Dos Pueblos High School  

Douglas Caines- “Share Our Voice”

Katelyn Cochran– “Classroom Tech and Library”

 John Dent- “Show Me the World and I will Share it with Everyone!”

Anna Guerrero-“Ethnic and Social Justice Studies Class Journals”

Valerie Lent-“French Board Games”

Samantha Mooneyham– “Technologies for the Classroom”

Mercy Rudolph-“Field Trip for AP Literature”

Allison Satler– “Sensory Shop”

Kelly Savio- “Diversification of In-Class/Independent Texts”


La Cuesta Continuation High School

Tahnia Mark-“Jusice Now!”

Ross Melczer-“Who We Are”


Santa Barbara High School 

Dylan Aguilera– “Electronic Performance Revamped”

Amanda Domingues-“Digital Art Printer and Supplies”

Aura-Moon Greig– “Latinx Focused Graphic Novels and Nonfiction”

Mary La Face-” Choir Robe Storage”

Deborah Reid-” Upgrading Technology in the Classroom”


San Marcos High School

Nick Ross, Rebecca Miller and Maria Lorenzano– “Community Building and Academic Enrichment for English Support for Emerging Multilinguals”

Zachary Eichert-“Aviation Enrichment”

Kelly Keene- “Subscribe for Literacy!”

Kelly Mitchell– “SMHS Media Arts Computer Lab”

Lara Willbanks– “SMHS Yearbook”

David Young– “Spanish Reading Library”


SBUSD Itinerant/All Schools

Jeffrey Bailey-Adapted Physical Education Equipment Needs”