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Fund Administration: SBEF serves as the fiscal sponsor for a wide variety of important school district projects that address core educational issues and generate generous grant funding for programs. Current programs include Community of Schools, The Parent Project, Youth Violence Intervention and Prevention Program, BRAVO!, and The Academy for Success.  To learn more click here »

Measures A and B: Voters in our community approved local funding for our students and classrooms in 2008 with the passage of Measures H & I. Since then our schools have seen increases in student achievement from the programs these funds have supported: math, science, computer/educational technologies, career skills for job readiness, music, art, theater and foreign languages. To continue improved student achievement, SBEF led the successful campaign for Measures A and B (November 2012) which provided nearly $12 million over four years and serves over 15,000 students in elementary, junior high, and high school throughout Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Goleta.  click here »

Technology Funding, 2012: Working in conjunction with the school district to implement their technology plan, funding was secured for additional classrooms to be equipped with advanced technological teaching tools. Classroom set-ups include:  Mrs. Payne’s 1st grade class at Adams Elementary – thanks to Cox Communications; Ms. Mavaro’s 5th grade class at McKinley Elementary – thanks to Mentor; Team Teachers Brian Malcheski’s 4th, 5th & 6th grade class and Alex Tashma’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade class at Open Alternative School – thanks to Deckers; and Mrs. Herboldshimer’s Read 180 class at Monroe Elementary – thanks to Dr. Annie at SB Children’s Dental Practice and Santa Barbara Bank & Trust.

Measures Q and R: SBEF is proud to have led the marketing campaign for Measures Q & R, The voters overwhelmingly approved the authorization of $75,000,000 in general obligation bonds to be issued for the Santa Barbara secondary schools and $35,000,000 in general obligation bonds to be issued for the Santa Barbara elementary schools. These bonds are providing badly needed renovations at our schools in a fiscally responsible way. Our board members will continue to participate by sitting on the Oversight Committees. For more information on Q and R, click here »

Keep the Beat Project (KTB), 2007 to present: The Santa Barbara Education Foundation has raised more than $300,000 to help fund after-school music programs and purchase musical instruments used by students in the Santa Barbara School District’s elementary music programs, including critical aid in 2003-2007 to help preserve the elementary instrumental music program in the wake of devastating 2003-2004 budget cuts.. For more information on Keep The Beat, click here »

Measures H and I, 2008: SBEF led the 2008 marketing campaign for Measures. H & I which has brought over $6 million in funding to support of music, art, math, foreign language and science instruction in the schools. Our board members continue to participate by sitting on the Oversight Committees. For more information on H and I, click here »

Classroom Resources Project ($100,000), 2001-2004: Purchased maps, globes and encyclopedia sets for 95 classrooms (grades 4-6).

Best Practices Project ($102,000), 1999-2001: Provided grants to teachers for the purpose of researching and implementing innovative literacy teaching methods.

Technology Tools Project ($35,000), 1997-1998: Provided internet-connected computers and printers to all junior high and high school libraries.

Library Materials Project ($35,000), 1997-1998: Provided books and reference material for all elementary and secondary school libraries.

Safe Playgrounds Project ($350,000), 1994-1999: Removed unsafe playground equipment on nine elementary sites, replacing it with new, safe, and handicap accessible equipment.

Museum of Tolerance Project ($75,000), 1990-1998: Funded tours for all Santa Barbara Unified School District 8th grade students to visit the L.A. Museum of Tolerance, the continuation of which continues today under the sponsorship of the Beyond Tolerance Project.

Classroom Mini-Grants (225,000), 1986-1994: Through a grant submission process, teachers were awarded small classroom grants for the purchase of classroom and teaching aid materials.


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