Help fight food insecurity for SB Unified students!

With 47% of SB Unified students receiving free or reduced lunch, we know that many families in our community are susceptible to food insecurity in the best of times. With so many students relying on meals from our schools, it’s more important than ever to ensure that our most vulnerable students have the fuel they need to thrive physically and academically.

Since school closures last March, SB Unified served almost 500,000 meals to students in need in just a few short months. These meals are nutritious, delicious, and freshly prepared using locally grown food—the type of meals that serve both body and mind. Nothing is frozen or pre-packaged, just fresh foods with a focus on nourishment to help students get through their day.

For all the uncertainty our students are currently facing, let’s work together to make sure that the source their next meal isn’t one of them. Can we count on you to help us guarantee that no SB Unified students go hungry?

Support healthy meals for SB Unified kids!

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