How do you ensure a bright future for Santa Barbara?

Simple, you invest in the next generation. Right now, future engineers, doctors, and designers are sitting in our local classrooms. Those students diligently learning long-division and anxiously preparing for spelling tests will one day be making the decisions that will mold the future of our community.

Are we doing all that we can today to help our kids grow into the leaders and thinkers our community needs tomorrow?

Current state funding doesn’t adequately provide for the resources needed for a first-rate education as per-pupil funding for schools in California continues to rank near the bottom nationwide. Are we willing to accept less for our students? When a community comes together and makes education a priority, it can raise the bar for all students.

Santa Barbara Education Foundation connects education supporters like you with programs that ensure our students have access to essential instruction ranging from literacy and the arts to early childhood education and mental health. We know that there are many giving opportunities at this time of the year, however, when you contribute to the Santa Barbara Education Foundation you are choosing to invest in our future.

It’s up to you! Are you willing to invest so that the next generation can reach their full potential?

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