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Join us as we look at how our local students are

What is Youth Intervention?

Youth outreach worker Ali Cortes provides critical services to underserved youth in the Santa Barbara Unified School District by engaging, inspiring, while helping to foster stronger attachments to their schools, families, and community. Typically guest speakers, field trips, along with non-traditional techniques, help reduce negative behaviors and inspire students to graduate high school and attend college.

Watch this short video to see the Youth Intervention in action.

 So, how do youth outreach workers like Ali Cortes continue to give students the support they need remotely? 

By Staying in Touch!

Ms. Cortes stays in touch with her students through phone calls, Facetime, and of course, Zoom group meetings. Although the group is unable to meet in person, she continues to find creative ways to provide mentorship, workouts, journaling, meditation, and group talks for her students.

Cultivating Leadership and Life Skills!

Just because we are self-isolating doesn’t mean that students can’t develop essential leadership skills. Ms. Cortes hosts a leadership life skills group that meets weekly to give students the opportunity to learn about self-confidence, communication skills, and budgeting.

Don't Forget Self Care!

Ms. Cortes provides regularly scheduled workshops for her students covering everything from self-care to workout routines. She even provides mini care packages that include items like lavender oil, healthy snacks, wonder woman stickers, and a pen with a personal note so that students can continue self-care routines when they are not logged on.

Local business owners, bloggers, nutritionists, life coaches, and pilots join workshops as guest speakers to discuss topics and provide inspiration.

Self Care Isn't Just for Students!

During times of crisis, it’s crucial that those who are caring for others also take care of themselves. Ms. Cortes works with fellow service providers in stress management workshops so that they can continue to serve our community when we need them most.

We know that this is a difficult and uncertain time for our community. But it’s especially important to support our struggling students as they continue learning remotely.

Special thanks to our fantastic SB Unified Youth Outreach Worker Ali Cortes for sharing her content and serving our students.

See what learning remotely looks like for our students!

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