As a group, educators are hard working people but no one could have anticipated what needed to be done to keep our students learning during a worldwide pandemic. We had to pivot with breakneck speed from in person learning to distance learning. We immediately faced a steep technological learning curve made worse by unending connectivity issues, both on our end and on our students' end. We had to organize and distribute classroom supplies and materials, not to mention the mental and physical adjustment to working from home, often ourselves with children who needed support from their parents in navigating their own distance learning challenges. From distance learning to hybrid learning we taught students in academic learning centers at school and others at home. We began to see students struggle with depression, hopelessness and some just disappearing, showing up daily with a black screen or not showing up at all. Once back to in person learning, we became healthcare workers to ensure all students' health through temperature checks and Crisis Go. To date, we continue to monitor daily for sniffles, coughs and the plethora of COVID symptoms that may be the virus itself. We have trained school teams testing students weekly for COVID. Students are just now beginning to demonstrate connectedness back to their school community and to their learning. It has been challenging but we keep showing up, we keep smiling, we maintain an optimistic environment - ...everyday - because we love and believe in our children and in our learning communities.

Thank you for your support and generosity! SB Administrators, Teachers and Support Staff.

Veronica BinkleyPrincipal, Harding University Partnership School