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Santa Barbara Unified School District launches a new Teacher Induction Program

A first-ever Teacher Induction Program led by Santa Barbara Unified School District launched this week with 85 preliminary credentialed teachers. The district-led program provides new educators with an individualized, job-imbedded system of mentoring, support, and professional learning in the beginning of the teacher’s first two years of teaching.

Santa Barbara Unified School District began to pursue its own induction program in the Fall of 2016. The District received approval from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing on May 10, 2018 after completing a multi-step approval process and demonstrating compliance with rigorous new induction program standards.

“We are incredibly proud to be able to launch our own induction program as a way to authentically support and invest in new educators within our district,” said Roxanna Stern, Teacher Induction Program Coordinator. “By providing this induction program we are integrating district professional learning opportunities with individualized support and mentoring from veteran educators.”

“There is nothing more important in education than the teaching and learning that happens in the classroom,” said John Becchio, EdD, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. “The Teacher Induction Program is an impressive advancement for our district as it allows us to provide on-the-job continuing education and development opportunities that will have a positive impact on student learning.”

The Teacher Induction Program is a two-year program for newly credentialed teachers in California to earn their professional teaching credential. The program is offered free of charge to educators and each participant attends after-school workshops, develops individual learning plans based on California standards for the teaching profession, and receives at least one hour per week of coordinated support and mentoring. Santa Barbara Unified School District teachers previously had to earn their professional teaching credential by participating in continuing education opportunities outside of the district. Participants complete the program by demonstrating that they meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements by possessing the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively educate and support all students in meeting state adopted academic standards.

(Photo left to right) Miranda Wittrock, Darren Iacono, Zach Lotze, Michelle Duan